A Greener Way to Ship

Protecting the environment is a guiding principle at Union Pacific Cold Connect, whether it is by increasing fuel efficiency, reducing air emissions and energy consumption or recycling used materials.

Rail is the most fuel-efficient and environmentally responsible mode of freight transportation. We move one ton of freight 456 miles on a single gallon of diesel fuel, and our trains are four times more fuel efficient than trucks. In fact, a single Union Pacific train can carry as much freight as 300 trucks. Plus, we make sustainability a priority by developing new technologies to reduce emissions and working smarter to minimize our environmental impact.

Cleaner & Greener

Just one Cold Connect rail car transports as much as four long haul truck loads, reducing CO2 emissions significantly.

Amount of poisonous Co2 - Cold Connect has significantly less than trucks

Cold Connect Customers Have Cut:

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"What’s the most environmentally-friendly way to transport goods? The answer is freight rail."

-From the American Association of Railroads

To calculate how many tons of carbon dioxide Cold Connect customers can prevent from being released into the atmosphere, visit: UP Carbon Emission Estimator

Cold Connect is an approved SmartWay Transport Partner and proud Food Logistics Top Green Provider.

Food Logistics 2016 Top Green Providers SmartWay Transport Partnership - Getting There With Cleaner Air
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