About Us

Welcome to Cold Connect!

Union Pacific has recently expanded its Food Network with the introduction of Cold Connect — a new service that provides food and beverage shippers with fast, reliable, door-to-door transportation and access to a wide range of service solutions — all while maintaining the cold chain. Cold Connect began in January 2017 with the acquisition of three cold storage and distribution facilities in Delano, California; Wallula, Washington; and Rotterdam, New York.

With these strategically located Cold Connect terminals available, we are providing new opportunities for food and beverage shippers across the country. Our terminals are perfectly suited to handle inventory consolidation and forward distribution, optimizing your transportation dollars. By positioning freight closer to final destination, we help you control inventory more efficiently and speed up reaction time to accommodate changing needs.

Get your goods to market with:

  • Multi-modal door-to-door solutions
  • Refrigerated distribution facilities
  • Real-time inventory control

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